Education and Technology: Who for Who?

Written by : Mohamed Abdou Etman ,PCT

For the past years, while being a students, then an assistant teacher, and after then as a casual educator and finally settling in the field as a professional full time educator i have been thinking all the time about the relationship between education and technology, do we learn to develop technology or do we develop technology to assist in learning.
The process is very sophisticated, as there is an exchange of roles between both fields, no one of them can be isolated from the other, thus, the bartering process between both fields will continue to exist as humanity exists, the move from the black to the white board is a change in technology as same as moving from classroom lecturing and narration to virtual reality applications, when we broadly look to the field, it is the same transformation by the end, aiming more involvement in the education process.
According to our studies in Ecoducate, we are trying to bring the process of education to witness a better pacing in terms of technology, we are daily contacting tens if not hundreds of educators just to gather information and add to the knowledge of the others, we are trying to facilitate the field by our trials to make it more an open source field that shares the information and outcomes with due respect to their creators copyrights, so for sure we will be the same for our trials to increase the field’s contributions.
A call for all educators ,technology enthusiasts, geeks and other stakeholders, your role in shaping the field of education will be our concern for the next decade as our strategic plan states, so we are waiting to hear from you, and we promise that we will be doing our best to listen , to assist, to interact and to process collaboratively what can add to the field.

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